Marriage, Sex and Pregnancy

Because ostomy surgery is a body-altering procedure, many people worry about sex and intimacy and about acceptance by their spouse or loved one.

For most people sex can be as good as before, or even better if you have had years of illness. It is not unusual for sexual feelings to subside in the face of urgent health concerns - whether chronic or sudden - and this is true for both men and women. The restoration of your enjoyment of sexual activity and a warm, loving adult relationship with your partner will be one of the rewards of accepting an ostomy and is a major part of your rehabilitation.

Most single people find that telling a new partner about the ostomy, briefly and simply, early on in the relationship, leads to a realisation that you are loved for yourself and your personality above all else.

Ostomates fall in love, marry and have children and count their blessings! For women, pregnancy and delivery are usually uneventful and no more hazardous than for non-ostomates. Female urostomates should seek medical advice before embarking on pregnancy.

Some colostomates and ileostomates find that medications pass through the stoma undissolved and you should bear this in mind if taking the contraceptive pill.

Should any difficulties or doubts arise, consult your physician.