Urostomy Urine Production & Fluid Intake

Urine is the complicated end product of the work of the kidneys and provides the way we maintain a very stable chemical environment in our bodies. It is normally slightly acid, with only a slight odour, varies in colour depending on its concentration and is sterile. The urine from an ileal conduit differs in two ways. Firstly it contains a variable amount of mucus. All bowel produces some mucous and the segment used for ileal conduits maintains its mucus production. Threads of clear mucous can be seen in the urine from ileal conduits and are normal.

Secondly, all bowels have a normal population of bacteria and these are added to the urine as it passes along the conduit. Bacteria acting on substances in the urine produce ammonia and other substances leading to the strong and unpleasant odour associated with urine that is no longer sterile and has been standing for some time. This need not occur, as higher fluid intake will lead to more frequent flushing of the conduit and a decrease in the number of bacteria. Substances (such as Redoxon 1000mg daily) can be taken to maintain the acidity of the urine as many bacteria find dificulty in growing in urine that is not alkaline. Antibiotics will also temporarily minimise the problem but are not without risk if taken for long periods.