Ileostomy Blockages & Possible Complications

A few ileostomates will experience a blockage at some time; this can be caused by foods such as nuts, coconut and some vegetables and fruit. You may experience colicky pain, which is usually of a temporary nature. In the event of a blockage, you will notice that either the output from your stoma has stopped for longer than is usual or that your bag contains excessive amounts of watery fluid.

If your output changes significantly in consistency, colour or quantity and you feel unwell with stomach pains and/or nausea or vomiting, you should contact your doctor or stoma care nurse and stop taking solid food. You must continue drinking water in small quantities until the blockage clears and/or you have been seen by your stoma care nurse or doctor.

If blockage occurs, your stoma may temporarily change in size or colour.

Possible causes:

May be related to your surgery

Plug of food: for example nuts, citrus fruits, sweet corn, coconut or other high fibre foods, some people may need to chew some foods more carefully

Drugs - some pain killers may slow down the output

Blockages are usually remedied easily, but may require medical attention.