Colostomy Clothing, Food & Drink Tips

In these days of neat fitting appliances you can wear the same clothes as before and no-one will ever know you are wearing an appliance unless you tell them so. A male may find it best to wear his underpants pulled up under the bag and his singlet pulled down over the top.

No special diet is required unless ordered by your physician. You may wish to avoid some foods which cause gas or odour, or are hard to digest. Alcohol can be drunk in moderation but fizzy drinks can cause gas problems. After surgery you may find your stoma noisy, but this will settle down and rarely causes embarrassment in public. Eat in moderation 3 times a day at regular times in the early stages, introducing new foods one at a time. If you find one particular food upsets you, discontinue it, but try it again at a later date. The next time there may be no reaction.

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